Serene and secluded, the exquisitely designed Birds Bay suites & villas on the Northeastern Aegean coastline of Lesvos offer the ultimate holiday escape, and a deep dive into the world of nature.

Immerse in the quiet beauty of nature as dusk’s glow begins to shine through the blue sky in a peaceful bay of the Aegean.

The sea sways peacefully and birds breeze in and out as the sun sinks behind Mirmigki Isle (Ant Reef) – sunset at Birds Resort offers a tranquility that is hard to match.

Birds opened to visitors in 2009, with 10 traditional, cozy and authentic suites & villas. Here’s a chance to live amongst migratory birds flocking to the islets across the bay in a dreamy setting.

The nearby towns of Petra, Molyvos and Anaxos offer eateries and places to visit, but if you’re fleeing the bustle, it’s likely you’ll be very happy to snooze in a quiet spot on the property or get up to explore the island to take a closer look at protected bird species, pristine beaches or artisanal villages.